Splendor Of Dawn Poetry Competition September Winner – Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

The Splendors of dawn poetry competition sponsored by CITAD with support from MacArthur Foundation on anti corruption – September edition was quite tough one. It was based on Accounting for Nigerian Lives which raised a lot of questions and expressions expressed through the various entries (poems and short stories).

“In every war there’s always a defeater”. The judge of the competition -Efe Paul Azino- popular know as one the prolific poets in Nigeria did a wonderful job, which we also commend him for such energetic effort.

The winner of the September edition, Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto really put a lot craft in his work, a much congratulations to him.

Details of winner below:


Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto (@ChinuaEzenwa) is from Owerri-Nkworji in Nkwerre, Imo state, Nigeria and grew up between Germany and Nigeria. Some of his works have appeared in Lunaris Review, AFREADA, Rush Magazine, Kalahari Review, Palette, Knicknackery, Praxismagazine, Bakwa Magazine, Strange Horizons, One, Ake Review, Crannòg magazine and elsewhere.


Brothers in Arms: This is not an Xbox Stimulation
I think I’ve worshipped all my fears enough.

And I wonder why people, here and there, carry a constellation of darkness.

The same moon reflecting here, reflects there and anywhere else.

History has clawed us into vineyard ribbons
& I keep having dreams where people’re ripped into bits.

But here I am. Here we are: shimmering skins.
Once neighbours. Now strangers.
I mean: on seeing one another something breaks.

So I plead: by our different prayers, different shades
let’s soften our bodies with our sweats in love.

# no2corruption
# vote4accountability

Splendors Of Dawn Poetry Competition August Winner – MC Yunus

Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation are still moving with much energy in the monthly contest which is sponsored by CITAD with support from MacArthur Foundation on anti corruption. The August competition was vivacious and gratitude goes to the judge, Benjamin Ubiri. He is the author of one of the recent poetry books in the poetry and Literary community in whole, the book is popularly known as Paint My Face With Glamour.

The August edition with the theme Access To Justice sprouted out a sonorous poetic voice who emerged as the winner. Below are the details of the winner.


Mc Yunus is an art enthusiast who had traversed through all the literary genre in trying to experiment where his pen would find its forte. He’s been at the center of giant literary events organized in Minna by Hilltop creative arts foundation where he serves as a senior mentor and also Amab books where he’d actively participated in bringing the first book festival to the Niger state capital.
He published his first experimental poetry work in 2012 titled SAILING ON THE TIDES.
He is the founder of 9RORDS, a platform aimed at promoting spoken poetry and short film with about 3 videos already on YouTube. His next book titled CONFESSION IS A COLOR is due to be published in February 2020. Even in his late twenties, he hopes to dare the crust of art.


Dawn met us at dusk
fishes are now friends of the sky
crickets are troubadours in our night
since the moon spilled its yolk
nobody rolls dice again
assured to see TAILS emerge
HEADS are what fit us more
now that our courtrooms; metaphors of justice
our sleep sleeps deep again
It wouldn’t wake to a fleeing roof or dreadful dreams

©MC Yunus

Splendors of Dawn Poetry Competition July Winner – Ese Gift Orakpoghenor

The Splendors of Dawn Poetry announced their winner of the July competition known as Ese Gift Orakpoghenor. July entries was judged by a literary icon known as the father of teen authors in Nigeria, also the CEO of Hilltop creative art foundation. The last month Edition (July was focused on the COST OF SILENCE).

Winner’s Biography

Ese Gift Orakpoghenor was born on the 15th of August, 1997. She’s a native of Ethiope-East Local Government area of Delta State, grew up in Zaria my place of birth. Got an NCE in English and Social Studies from Federal College of Education, Zaria before moving to Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in English and Literary studies. She started writing when she was in primary four and over time, been building an archive of my writings. She is a poet, novelist and do quite well as an orator also. Have lot of works awaiting publication.

Winner’s Entry

You may not be at the peak
But never be quiet when it’s time to speak.

Silence is not always a prove of wisdom
Neither is speaking always a fight for freedom.

Some spoke and were killed
Others kept quiet and still died;
Whichever way, there’s a price!
At the end expect the prize!!
People may not misquote your silence
But that might be giving them your license.



BM Dzukogi

Sowore is not the one that has actually offended you. Sowore knew no revolution will take place this week.

Check the trend of the talk on revolution from the last ten years, you will discover that few older adults talk about it. In fact, many of the adults reject the idea. However, many youths do. It is a product of hopelessness.

If you come down to the mid-ages like ours, many of us seem to agree that revolution is imminent but on a second thought we become bothered, the fact that it can degenerate into an ethnic or religious pogrom which will defeat the aim of any revolution. This is premise on the general social, economic and political dividers planted on the land especially religious and ethnic ones. People of my age seem to conclude that it will never be successful as a Nigerian exercise. We are also afraid of the vulnerability associated with social chaos and deaths that will endanger our little lives and assets.

Going down to the youths majority of whom are jobless, rudderless and hopeless. They think revolution is a possibility and a solution. Meanwhile, they are at a loss as to how it can or will occur. Even their condemnation of Sowore is an instinctive sectional vibration. Mind you, Southern Nigerian youths will actively participate in revolution were one to ignite now. Even the Northern youths are merely just mouthing a rejection of it; they will do, it will be fiercer in their region.

Sowore knows a revolution will not take place this week. What he knows will happen is that Nigerian youths will start serious discussion on it more than ever before once he starts a game. That’s what the youths are doing right now, and all of us. Sowore and the planners of this know that, Nigerians talk much about their pains but for a short time with no resultant action. Therefore, this game must be ignited, get arrested whence the revolution talk continues on the lips of Nigerians. He has been arrested. So that when you mention Sowore from next week, the next thing will not be Sahara Reporters but the thought of a revolution. Meanwhile, if bad leadership continues, you will say: “Kai Sowore is right.”

Now, the more an idea remains in your thoughts, the more it comes to the lips and the more it escalates and the more chances of it occurring. And, because good governance is hard to come-by in Nigeria, the more it gains relevance with the people. The new Sowore is a post-2023 fight set in motion in 2019. The Presidency is for the Yorubas.

In the hopelessness that the post 2023 will bring, due to failures of leaderships/governments, and the fierce contest that will ensue between Igbos and the now advantaged Yorubas, plus the tendency of the North supporting the Yorubas, the new Sowore is born, in all of these. If the Yorubas don’t get the Nigerian Presidency in 2023 then a revolution will create one. Not revolution per se but disintegration. In this, is their hope that there shall be a segmented national anger by the poor citizens of a disorderly country…the rest is for you to conclude. Thereafter, what you do with your part is your business. Do you wonder what he was doing with KANU again?

And for those of you defining revolution for Sowore, does he look like somebody who does not know it. Explain it for yourselves, Sowore you will come to, as long as there is continuous bad governance, injustice and unequal distribution of wealth and opportunities in Nigeria.


Photo credit: Yusuf BM



1. ALL THE LOST HERITAGES OF ANA WILL BE RECOVERED: land, goodwill, members (old and young).

2. ANA IS NO SECRET SOCIETY: therefore, there must be transparency/accountability in its operations. Members are entitled to information concerning their assets and finances at all times.

3. ANA IS NO ANIMAL FARM: therefore, all members are true beneficiaries of ANA assets. Collective profits must be shared between ANA National and ANA Chapters at all times.

4. ANA IS FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS: therefore, exclusion of some members on the basis of age, status, residence, etc., must stop. ANA trustees must be included in ANA activities and their number upgraded from time to time.

5. THE ONLY REASON WHY ANA EXISTS OS FOR YOUNG WRITERS TO BLOSSOM AND THRIVE (Chinua Achebe’s Inaugural Speech): therefore, programmes and opportunities for the young ones must come into existence.

6. ANA MEMBERS MUST NOT BE DISENFRANCHISED: therefore, the rights of members living abroad (so long as they are registered members) to vote for National Executive Council officers is to be guaranteed.

7. THE ONLY REASON WHY ANA IS FAILING is because ANA Chapters nationwide are not carried along: proceeds/benefits from our partners/patrons plus all investments of ANA must be shared between the National body and Chapters.

8. ANA IS GOING TO INTERFACE MORE WITH RELEVANT INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS, LOCAL CULTURAL AND INTELLECTUAL INSTITUTIONS: therefore, the cultural and intellectual contents of ANA Conventions are going to be enhanced.

9. ANA CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES WILL BE RE-ENGINEERED: therefore, special recognition will be given to icons in Nigeria and the rest of the world, in the area of awards and special reading sessions.

10. ANA MEMBERSHIP IS GOING TO BE A PLATFORM FOR WRITERS TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD: there will be residencies and exciting awards such as “Book of the Year” award to the overall winning entry in ANA annual competitions.

11. THE ANA REVIEW WILL BE QUARTERLY, NOT ANNUALLY ANYMORE: writers will be given more opportunities to publish their works and be distributed to the world. Chapters will be encouraged to toe this line.

12. ANA, AS A CORPORATE CITIZEN, WILL COOPERATE WITH OTHER CORPORATE CITIZENS IN NIGERIA AND THE WORLD: exciting prizes, residencies, anthology publications, drama presentations, and exchange programmes will receive sponsorship.

13. ANA WILL OPERATE A BOOKSHOP AT THE WRITERS’ VILLAGE SHOWCASING THE BOOKS OF MEMBERS ONLY: therefore, members will be guaranteed wider access for their work and better returns for each book sold.

AHMED MAIWADA – Aspirant ANA President
NGOZI CHUMA UDEH – Vice President

Splendors Of Dawn Poetry Competition June Winner -Bambo Oreoluwa Blessing

The splendors of dawn poetry foundation announced the winner of their monthly contest exactly on the 2nd of July. The contest was themed Anti corruption and accountability with the title “My Pledge”, after the compilation of all the submissions. Bambo Oreoluwa Blessing who submitted a poem titled “My Pledge” emerged as the winner. Below is her poem and biography:



I pledge to the Nation in which I had been born,

Where I had my cries, pains, struggles and joys..

My country which had been divided far too long

And has lost its will to love and care for one another

That I WILL at all cost be faithful, loyal and honest,

And strive to unite my people from the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts,

So they’d stop differentiating each other,

And come together to rebuild our Nation in Unity as the little ants unites and work.

Only that defends our Unity, and upholds our Honour and Glory,

So help me God.





Bambo Oreoluwa Blessing is an indegene of Ogun State, born on the 15th of January, 1998. A girl and dark in complexion.
she is an SSCE holder who hopes and work to further more into the University to study Mass Communication or Anything Arts, any of them are in her favour. She live in the family of four and have a single parent. (Her dad and two brothers). She work currently as a Graphics Designer. She love music, drawing and painting, writing and singing and she hope to build BIG things with her talents. she is very ambitious, a personality with big dreams





Winners Of Sevhage Literary Prizes

ASEVHAGE/ESLF Prize for Short Fiction 2019 (out of 110 stories)

  • Ebuka Prince Okoroafor ‘Cat Boy’ [1st Prize] N50,000 and N3,000 worth of books
  • Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar ‘3 Shades of Darkness’ [1stRunner Up] N15,000 worth of books
  • Olaposi Washington Halim ‘The Nigerian Bride’ [2ndRunner Up] N10,000 worth of books
  • Chizoma Emeka Joshua ‘What Do you Do When You see a Burning Bush’ [4th Prize] N5000 wSorth of books
  • David Iruoje ‘Nineteen Nineteen Eight’ [5th Prize] N5000 worth of books

SEVHAGE Prize for Creative Non-Fiction 2019 (Out of 11 Entries)

  • Odueso Oluwatimilehihn Charles ‘The Herculean Misconception’ [1st Prize] N20,000 worth of books
  • Samuel Amazing AyoadAe ‘Water Drowns’ [1st Runner Up] N10,000 worth of books
  • Chukwu Emmanuel ‘The Weight of Family Secrets’ [2ndRunner Up] N5,000 worth of books
  • Nguher Terungwa James ‘Smoke’ [4th Prize] N2,000 worth of books
  • Edoziem Miracle ‘To Efu Doe’ [5th Prize] N2,000 worth of books

SEVHAGE/Angya Poetry Prize 2019 (out of 370 poems)

  • Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto ‘Every month a year’ [1st Prize] N50,000
  • Adedayo Agarau ‘the origin of a name’ [1st Runner Up] N30,000
  • Pamilerin Jacob ‘Geometry of Sound and Pestilence’ [2nd Runner Up] N20,000
  • Adenle Iyanuoluwa Deborah ‘Why I have Flowers Growing from the Corners of my Mouth’ [4th Prize] N3000 worth of books
  • Osi, Stanley Chijioke ‘Reflections’ [5th Prize] N3,000 worth of books

Source: Sevhage.wordpress.com